Вакансия главного переводчика английского языка в компании “Юлг”







ТОВ «ЮЛГ», http://yulg.com.ua/


We have many customers from all over the world who are business people, entrepreneurs, but they are not always good in English.

And, your task will be to help them to do business, namely to help them with language skills:

  • business correspondence
  • Calls with partners to create arrangements
  • Solving difficult situations with clients and counterparties

You can definitely apply for this position, if it is about you:

  • You can easily communicate in English, both live and over the phone or skype.
  • 100% literacy. Any error in the communication inadmissible.
  • You will receive tons of questions and tasks from our customers and you must answer all questions and resolve all problems.

Pls send your CV in English with your photo in the corner to e-mail:mailto:admin@keosang.co.ua law@yulg.com.ua

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